Time for a new name

rebrandThe convention for choosing a business name has changed substantially over recent decades. Once, most businesses were passed down through the generations, with children growing up learning about the family business before ultimately taking over from their parents. Traditionally, these businesses signified their long heritage and family roots through their names – WH Smiths, Woolworths, Fenwicks and Selfridges, for example.

All these businesses have (or in some cases, had) strong brands and were such established names in the High Street that customers know the services they offer before they step through the front door, even though the name itself gives no hint of what they sell. Instead, they rely on their shopfronts, and their long history and presence in the psyche of the British consumer.

But times are changing.

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Writing a successful press release

Press release computerWhen you’ve launched your latest product, or added a new service to your business offering, the next step is to tell people about it, so that when they have need of what you offer, they’ll know to come to you first.

But writing a strong press release takes more than just understanding your business offering. You might know your business inside and out – but communicating it in the right way, to the right people, takes a little more thought.

We thought we’d put together some top tips to keep in mind when writing your next press release:  Continue reading →

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